After you sign up we will contact you within 24 hours to obtain the information required to set up your own Lifted Loads website. Your website should be up and running within 48 hours after all the information has been provided.

Level Price  
Single Site £19.95 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
Single Site - Free Trial Free
Membership expires after 60 Days.

Other fees: A PayPal fee is taken from a donation to each recipient. The fees are

  • For Charities: 1.4% and £0.20
  • For Non-Charities: 3.4% and £0.20

An illustration based on a single donation to an Organisation set up as a charity on Lifted Loads:

A Supporter's Gift £10.00
Gift Aid £2.50
PayPal Transaction Fees (1.4% + £0.20) £0.34
Your Organisation Receives £12.16

What you get by signing up:

  • Your own Lifted Loads website (e.g., which will also be listed on the Lifted Loads mobile app
  • Documentation to help you get started
  • Technical support from Lifted Loads